Holidays away are becoming more and more expensive. So when after saving for months the holiday that you planned for is not the holiday that you got or worse you or your travelling companions have suffered a personal injury or illness abroad the money lost and the upset is great.

If you have suffered from a personal injury or illness we advise that if you are on a package holiday that you detail same with your representative at your accommodation or resort and make an appointment to attend with us upon your return home. Make a list of all costs accrued, including taxis and alternative accommodation.

Tour operators are obliged to ensure that the holiday they sell is the holiday you get.

Therefore if you are ill from unsanitary accommodation – for example if you get food poisoning or if you sustain an injury at your hotel or resort as a result of defective flooring – the tour operator is responsible as your contract is with them.

In respect of proceedings emanating from a holiday abroad it is important to seek immediate legal advice as the period in which you can issue proceedings in other countries differ.

For lost, delayed or damaged bags pay close attention to the terms and condition of your booking as some airline stipulate as to how long they will accept claims for same.

For the time being whilst Mrs May continues to fight the Merry Brexit Debacle EU Regulations still apply to Northern Ireland. These regulations mean that where you have been delayed more than two hours the airline is to provide you with food, drink, communication means ie. calls and emails.  If your flight has been delayed overnight your airline should give you accommodation.  If none of these are forthcoming ask for them. If they are being obstructive keep receipts for all reasonable expenses.  Where your flight is delayed over three hours and it is the airline’s fault for example a technical fault you may be entitled to compensation. However It must be the airline’s fault – for example an airline strike will not be not enough.

For example currently if your flight is delayed more than 3 hours and the journey was less than 1500 km you may be entitled to 250 euro. The compensation applied depends on the delay, the flight distance and whether you are flying to an EU or Non- EU Country.

So if your dream holiday has become a demonic Hi-de-Hi episode please make an appointment with us to discuss all your options.





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