The importance of a Will is often minimised by some, as a legal document, but actually a Will is a complex document and drafting a Will for a client is difficult for the solicitor with carriage of it.  A Will is a written record of their client’s last wishes on earth –  a document of that magnitude is of enormous importance not only to the Testator but to their family upon their decease.

It is their last voice.

For years I had preached to family and friends “you need a Will!” Partly, because I recognised the importance of having your voice heard in your absence and partly because the absence of a Will can make the loss of a love one that much harder.

It then hit me, when I had family of my own, that for all my preaching I had not made a Will myself!

So I did what I told my clients to do at our initial consultations – I sat down with my husband and discussed what we would like to happen in the event of our deaths, who we would like our children to live with after our decease, we talked about Trusts, personal items and who we believed would be best suited to deal with our affairs in the form of an Executor upon our decease.

It was a strange and surreal conversation but after the decisions were made I drafted our Wills and had them executed a few days later.

Whilst I hope my husband and I “won’t be going anywhere just yet” we were both glad that those decisions had been made. In my mind I know exactly what will happen to my children after my death. Our family will be well taken care of in our absence and that reassured me greatly as a professional and as a mother.

It is a task that we put to the back of our “minds” however the inevitable will not wait.

It is important to have a Will in place no matter how many assets you have or “don’t have.”

Good Estate planning is key to ensuring your family’s future after your decease. It is an area of complex and quick growth.

No matter at what stage you are in life – whether you have travel in mind, a new home, marriage, divorce – it is important that you seek proper legal advices in respect of your Estate.

A “mistake to day could cost your family in the future.”

If you have a Will in place it is important to review and to update it from time to time to make sure that it fully reflects your wishes.

At Patrick Park Solicitors, we always offer a high quality and completely professional legal service.

We understand that it is not easy to seek advices in respect of Estate Planning particularly if you are suffering from an illness. Our team of solicitors are highly trained in this area to give high quality professional legal advices in a sensitive manner.

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Where experience counts.

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