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Marriage Breakdowns

When Christmas isn’t Bright and isn’t Jolly!!!

Marriage Breakdowns

I have always loved Christmas. I love the colours, the scents and the sounds but I have always hated the stress Christmas brings.

Christmas can be an awful time of the year for people who are struggling in a relationship that is not meeting their emotional needs. More than at any other time in the year couples will in January, after the Christmas period, seek advices in relation to divorce and separation.

I am often asked why is there such a spike in advices sought in this field at Christmas and the New Year.

My own view is that, often if not daily, we ignore mundane issues and arguments as we are too busy working, attending to our homes or children. When work stops and we are placed in close confinement with our partner these issues that were not dealt with explode into larger arguments.

With the market as it is, incomes frozen, inflation rising – many of us strive to keep up with our neighbors and try to give presents we just simply cannot afford. Broke, miserable and incarcerated with a partner that does not understand these issues, and of course quite often faced with in-laws, listening to Slade on a loop – tensions invariably break.

Then add to the mix – additional social events.

These events have financial and emotional implications and those underlying issues that went unchecked for the previous year can suddenly become the alcohol fueled arguments of nightmares.

Quite simply for some in a relationship that is not working and has not been working for some time –¬†Christmas is a horrible time. For others in a relationship where there is domestic violence Christmas can be intolerable and dangerous.

At Patrick Park Solicitors we have been assisting couples for over two decades in seeking amicable resolutions when these issues become too much. We always ask our clients to consider counselling and mediation first to make sure that they wish to dissolve their marriage and that there is no hope of reconciliation.

In this area our work is very much client led.

We advise our clients and instruct them on the best possible way forward so that a partnership that was once founded on love and friendship is dissolved with dignity and respect.

If you are a victim of domestic violence within a marriage or within a family setting- once you are ready we can advise you not only as to your legal rights for a Non-Molestation Order but also get you in contact with the Services that you will need to build your life over again.

Nothing is unfixable and with the close of one year a new chapter begins in the next.

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