After over a decade of practice I can say with confidence that no two injuries arising from a road traffic accident are the same.

Some injuries are immediate and apparent whilst some injuries, particularly soft tissue injuries, might not emerge until the evening of the injury or the day after.

Each injury is unique – a minor bony injury sustained by a young person will have a completely different impact on a more mature person and therefore would attract a different figure of compensation.


After a road traffic accident if you feel at all unwell seek immediate medical attention either with your GP, Out of Hours or A&E depending on the severity of your injuries.

Do not “brush away your concerns as trivial” – many symptoms can mask serious underlying medical conditions arising from a road traffic incident such as sepsis or internal injuries. It is therefore vital that you do not take any unnecessary risks.

Physical injuries such as whiplash, bony injuries, cuts and bruises are not the only injuries that can emerge from a car or vehicular accident.

  • Many people suffer with psychological injuries and adjustment disorders as a result of these incidences. If you feel upset or have sleep disturbances after being in a road traffic accident or collision please contact your GP for treatment.

If you have suffered pain, loss or sustained damages as a result of a road traffic accident or collision you may be entitled to damages.

It is important in these circumstances that you get independent and experienced legal advice. 

You may feel nervous going to a solicitor. Many of my clients also tell me they feel “guilty” in seeking legal advices after an accident. This is an entirely normal reaction, I advise my clients that we invest in insurance to protect us financially for the unexpected.  That protection should be utilised where a genuine loss has been sustained and the contractual obligations met.

If the other party is not insured or does not stop then an application can be made to the MIB for compensation. In these circumstances it is vital that the incident is reported immediately to the PSNI.  Failure to report a vehicle for not stopping after an accident could prevent you from progressing with your application to the MIB for compensation.

In order to assess whether there is a legal claim to answer. I ask my clients to provide me with an outline of the incident.

Secondly, I ask for full details of any medical injuries sustained as a result of the incident. I take a particular interest in same.  To fully assess how much compensation is due to a client it is vital to fully understand the extent of that client’s injuries.

As a simple ache today can lead to years of pain affecting all areas of a client’s life.

Once I have those details I can fully assess the information as to whether there may be a case to answer. If I feel there are grounds I will explain to my client in person funding options and the claims process.  I also confirm same in writing to my client after our initial meeting and allow them time to decide whether they wish to continue with their road traffic claim.

You also need to remember that regulations and time limits differ from jurisdiction. Therefore the rules around proceeding with a claim in Northern Ireland is different than in America, Australia, Germany etc..

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident in this jurisdiction or in any other jurisdiction please contact us for friendly, independent, local and efficient advice and assistance. We will make an appointment to attend upon you to assess your claim at your convenience. We will analyse your case and advise you as to the merits of same. 

We will work with you to obtain a fair and appropriate settlement figure that reflects the extent of your injuries to assist you with your future.

Patrick Park Solicitors – in the Heart of Lurgan

Please call us for an appointment on 02838327436 or email us at


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