Illness and loss knows not time or reason.

As our lives become increasingly busy we tackle each day in “autopilot” juggling and mastering each task without thought. The suggestion that at some time in our lives that ease will fail us, leaving us without the physical or mental capacity to control our finances and property, is alien to us.

It is a possibility that we know we should plan for but put it further and further down “our to do list” as we “sail, duck and dive” through our personal and working lives.

It is true that loss of capacity can occur over a long period of time giving us some opportunity to plan ahead but equally it can happen very suddenly via illness or accident.

It is the random act of illness or accident that we need to think about – that we need to plan for.

An Enduring Power of Attorney or an EPA is a deed that allows a person, of your choosing, that you trust and you know, to be authorised to act on your behalf. This person will be known as your Attorney and will be able to act on your behalf for all financial matters as per the terms of the Deed.

Each EPA is drafted in accordance with your wishes. Some people want an Attorney to act only when they become mentally incapacitated and others would like someone to assist them if they become physically incapacitated.

It is an unique document tailored for your future individual needs.

It allows you to plan ahead and keep control of your future no matter what the future has in store for you.

However it is important to note that an EPA is not a Will. An EPA deals with property matters throughout your life – a Will deals with your Estate upon your death.

A Will is a Deed that expresses your last wishes. It assists your friends and family after your death to deal with legalities quickly in a time of grief.

Estate Planning is the “Elephant in the Room.” It is something we all want to leave to the last moment we possibly can.  We tell ourselves: “sure I’ve nothing but debt;” “our ones will sort it out between themselves;””what do I have that anyone would want.”

Estate Planning is much more than stocks, shares and savings.

Estate Planning plans for your future and your family’s future. Our most priceless assets are our children.  To protect them financially and physically (by appointing Guardians and Trustees) with good sensible Estate Planning is essential.

At Patrick Park Solicitors we have been helping families over thirty years plan for their future and keep control of their assets and interests that they have worked their entire lives for. We do so creatively and in a sensitive manner realising the importance of documenting our clients’ last wishes.

Estate Planning is complex – Estate Planning is not a “Senior Issue” – Estate Planning is an issue rooted in “planning for future unknowns. “

If you need assistance with Estate Planning or have questions about your existing Will, please contact us on:

02838 327436



W: www.pparksolicitors.co.uk



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